This three day multi-disciplinary project with a school age summer club in Rousay, used folklore, archaeology and art. A Hogboon, as Orcadian storyteller Tom Muir describes, is a mound dweller who can either bring good or ill luck to the family it belongs to.

Members of the Summer Archaeology Club in Rousay were asked to step out of reality for one day and consider the possibility that Hogboons exist; and if they did, how could it be proven archaeologically? The investigation was also expressed in creative and artistic forms: imaginative drawings and memory maps.

Rebecca was main co-ordinator and helped the club members photograph their finds. Mark Jenkins documented the entire investigation and created a 17 minute film. Both Mark and Rebecca then curated a final exhibition.

The project was initaited and managed as part of a wider project by Alison Keir.

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See the film here

Part of the Orkney Gateway to the Atlantic Project research initiative.