This Kirkwall Grammar School project, initiated by Nichola Watson, invited Rebecca and sculptor Frances Pelly into the classroom to deliver workshops. The aim of the project was to create a greater awareness about the history and heritage of Kirkwall. Pupils were encouraged to ‘Look up’ in their townscape and discover features in the built environment.

Rebecca introduced the classes to the chemigram process and photomontage, curated the exhibition with the art dept staff, and created two e-publications: Kirkwall Chemigrams and Look Up, a catalogue of the exhibition.

All one hundred and seventy-four S1 pupils worked over several months exploring the townscape heritage of Kirkwall. The pupils continued over the months with Art Dept staff, Principal Teacher Nichola Watson; Teresa Borek, Morag Ewing, Marie Montgomery and Kirsteen Murray.

Over six hundred artworks have been created including photography, chemigrams, photo montage using images from the Orkney Library & Archive collection, relief clay work, soapstone carvings, printmaking and drawing.

LOOK UP was part of theĀ Kirkwall THI scheme.

The exhibition at the Exhibition Room, The Old Library, Kirkwall was held in March 2019.

If you would like a copy of the exhibition PDFs please contact Rebecca here.

LOOK UP poster.jpg